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Pool servicing is still the heart and soul of Duane's Pool Service. Pool service is like going to the doctor for an annual check up. Only our "doctors" examine your pool or spa every week to ensure it's chemicals are in balance, there aren't any mechanical or structural problems and the body of water is presentable and most importantly, useable.

Pool remodeling is something that doesn't happen often, but when it does, Duane brings his many years of experience to the table to give you, the client, the best possible alternatives for pool and spa remodels. A remodel can be as simple as replacing the old, stained plaster with a new re-plaster and maybe a glass bead blast of the existing waterline tile or the total replacement and upgrade. Or the remodel might include adding a spa if one is not part of the pool, maybe a waterfall incorporated into the pool center, or the addition of a new deck and gazebo might be in your plans. Duane uses a very select set of contractors he's been working with for years so the jobs get done on time, on budget and without problems. It's a win-win team for his clients.

Replacing pool equipment is not something people like to do, but it's a necessary part of maintaining a perfect pool. The pumps, filters, blowers, heaters, automatic water fills and chlorinators all have a life expectancy. As most people know water is one of the most abrasives elements known to man (just look at the Grand Canyon). Add chemicals and a little debris and you have something working against your equipment whenever itís running. Duane decided many years ago to not use sub-standard equipment in either his residential pools or the larger, more demanding commercial pools. Duane knows this area of pool and spa ownership usually comes at a bad time but he also knows you canít let bad equipment continue to run and continue to damage the rest of the system. View our Photo Gallery page to see what a bad heater element looks like and which can seriously impair the efficient operation of your equipment.

Consulting with Home Owner Associations, property management companies and public and private health clubs on pool and spa operations is another area that Duane is well versed in and consults quite frequently with managers concerned about their installations running properly with the right equipment, etc. Energy costs are high and even one undersized pool motor or filter can cost the owner money. If youíve ever asked yourself, "am I getting the best service possible from my current supplier," then it might be time to call Duane for a consultation. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how thorough and encompassing his report will be.

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