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Private, residential pools and spas usually have a limited number of people using them, whereas commercial pools and spas can have any number of people in and out of them, sometimes 24 hours a day. As a result of time, usage, the elements of sun, wind, water and chemicals, equipment wears out and needs replacing. Here is a list of such equipment with some of the reasons they break or wear out:

  • Leaf Basket – The leaf basket is part of the pool/spa pump and is "in-line" for water coming out of the pool and going into the filter tank. The water is being propelled by an impeller going around at a very high speed. Should the leaf basket become fatigued over time and break, a foreign substance, such as a rock, twig, etc., could pass through the basket and hit the impeller blade causing serious damage to the pump. Our technicians will replace those as soon as they discover they’re broken to avoid the possible damage to the pump.
  • Skimmer Basket – The purpose of the skimmer basket is to catch material before it gets to the leaf basket in the pump motor. Here again, if this basket is full or has broken grids, damage to the pool equipment could take place. We'll replace the skimmer basket when needed. Some pools have them and others not, but a wier blade is found in the skimmer entry and helps regulate the flow of water into the skimmer.
  • Skimmer Lid – Also known as a "deck lid", sometimes with a thermometer and other without. This lid is nothing more than a cover for the skimmer preventing people of all ages from stepping into a hole. Sounds simple enough, but when one is broken, the potential harm to people’s feet is increased, either through cutting the skin on their feet or actually getting their skin caught in the cracks of the lid. Replace these when you see them getting old or beginning to crack.
  • Life Rings and Rope – First and foremost, these items are not toys and shouldn't be used except in an emergency. That said, we highly recommend all members the family practice using the life ring to float a person in distress, and to know how to get the life ring to the person in need. Remember, an emergency is not a time to learn safety procedures. Do it before you need it. Anyway, the life ring and rope will fatigue over a period of time and need replacing. We'll check with you before doing so, but please, don't avoid having this equipment near your pool.
  • Pool Filter Grids – In most pools today you'll find cloth covered filter grids that are coated with diatomaceous earth which filters the smallest particles from the water before sending it back into the pool or spa. Water is one of the most aggressive abrasives known to man. Over time the plastic frames will degrade, especially in hot water or where chemicals are used to sanitize the water. Most pool and spa filters have eight (8) grids, and if one goes bad, you might as well replace all eight. When our pool techs clean the filters, we look at the cloth covering and feel the grids to make sure they are functioning properly. We’ll get your permission before replacing these. For the record, they can last six months or three years.

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