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There is more to cleaning a pool than just skimming leaves and brushing the plaster. Any pool, spa, waterfall or other circulating water feature is very much like a human being. The outside needs to look great and present itself well, but the inside, the heart and the circulatory system needs to really be working well, or nothing will be right. That's where Duane's Pool Service excels. We’ve been providing service, consultation, remodel and repairs since 1982 and we know pool equipment inside and out.

A little history

Duane started his pool servicing business in 1982. Like all such businesses he started small and was constantly searching for the next logical step in order to grow the business.

Not being one to accept the ordinary and routine, Duane studied for and became a Los Angeles County Certified Pool Technician in order to prepare himself to be the professional he is today. He is a graduate of California State University at Northridge with a bachelor's degree, is married with a growing family. Although his many residential and commercial pools, spas and other water features are spread over a large geographic area and serviced by a crew of pool technicians of the highest level, Duane does more than just "service" pools.

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